Serdar Üşenmez
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Twitter: @valthoron
Homepage: Kareli Harita Metod

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Personal Information
Nationality: Turkish (born in Ankara, Turkey)
Date of Birth: August 8th, 1985
Marital Status: Married
Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering — 2007 to 2010
Master of Science
  • Control engineering and intelligent control
  • Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation
  • Development of a simulator software for use by the students of a M.SC.-level control engineering course during their final projects (successful application in 4 semesters)
  • Development of a distributed, embedded simulator for electrical machinery as part of thesis work
  • Thesis work part of project funded by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK, contract 108E048)
Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering — 2003 to 2007
Bachelor of Science
  • Control engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Design of mechanisms
METU Technopolis — 12/06/2010 to 09/07/2010
  • Entrepreneurship and Work Plan Preparation Training
Technopolis Group — 12/06/2010 to 15/06/2010
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training
METU Technopolis Animation Technologies and Game Development Center — 24/07/2008 to 19/08/2008
  • Seminar on Animation and Game Technologies
Aerotim Engineering Inc., Ankara / Turkey (website)— 03/2013 to present
Senior Engineer
  • Dynamic modeling and flight control systems development for a JAR-STD 1A Level-D military helicopter simulator
  • Improvements on a JAR-STD 1A Level-D military helicopter simulator
  • Development of embedded controller for jet engines
  • Graphical user interface development
Nauva Elektronik ve Bilişim Ltd., Ankara / Turkey — 04/2010 to 10/2012
Co-founder and Software Developer
  • Virtual reality sculpting application development
  • Website and web-based application development
  • Mobile platform application development (iOS)
Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Ankara / Turkey — 08/2006 to 09/2006
Summer Practice in Research, Development and Coordination Department
  • Examination of institution duties and operations
  • Study of the engineering department operations and its relations with other departments
  • Preliminary research and design of nuclear fuel rod hauling and replacement equipment
Hidrolift A.Ş., Ankara / Turkey — 08/2005 to 09/2005
Summer Practice in Production
  • Examination of production activities
  • Technical drawings and cost analyses of produced parts
  • Study of factory workflow charts
Cadmvs — Educational simulation tool for control engineering education
Entire design and implementation. Work done includes:
  • Three dimensional visualization of simulated system
  • Built-in controller design in C# with runtime compiling
  • External controller board (hardware-in-the-loop) support via RS232 and simple communication protocol
  • Graphs, logs and on-screen display of simulation and system states
  • Adjustable system and simulation parameters
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Sourberry iOS Application — Mobile application for Sourberry, an online radio station
Entire design and implementation. Work done includes:
  • OAuth-based login with existing account on the website
  • Broadcast streaming
  • Access to website chat board
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Şafak — Simple daily countdown application
Entire design and implementation. Work done includes:
  • Display of pictures from a different city in Turkey every day
View on App Store — Localized classified ad website aimed at Turkey
Entire design and implementation. Work done includes:
  • Database design
  • User registration and classified ad submission
  • Support for city, category and category-specific details and relevant search filters
  • Administrator panel for managing users, ads, categories and category-specific detail fields
  • Integration with micro-payment services for ad promotion and highlighting
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Bilkent University Department Websites
Work done includes:
  • Customization of Wordpress blog engine according to desired design
  • Design and implementation of Wordpress plug-in for displaying details about faculty members, academic publications, research groups and projects within the department
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View Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences website
View Department of Economics website
View Department of International Relations website
View Department of Psychology website
Bilkent University Summer Training Registration and Review System
Work done includes:
  • Database design
  • Design and implementation of modular page view engine
  • Support for user accounts with different viewing and modification privileges
  • Collection of student and personnel information from university database
  • User authorization via unified university ID and password
  • Integration with university accounting system
  • Implementation of automated, randomized assignment of students to summer practice positions provided by companies, based on student preferences
  • Administrator panel for user management, automated event overrides and data & document archiving
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Shoppie — Social shopping application and mall guide
Work done includes:
  • Database design
  • Collection, filtering and presentation of city-, mall- and brand-specific promotional offers
  • Design and implementation of an API for use with mobile and web clients
Defunct due to company shutdown.
Agora Mall iOS Application — Mobile guide for Agora Mall located in İzmir, Turkey
Work done includes:
  • Database design
  • Collection and presentation of events and promotions from existing website database
  • Path finding between shops and points of interest inside the mall, including display on mall plan and step-by-step directions
Defunct due to company shutdown.
A New Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for CNC Machine Applications
  • IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM), Vicenza, Italy (2013)
Full text
A New Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for Control Engineering Education
  • Computers & Education – An International Journal (submitted 10/2012)
Design of an Integrated Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation System
  • M.Sc. Thesis submitted to Middle East Technical University, Ankara (2010)
Full text, presentation
Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Electrical Machine Systems Using FPGAs
  • International Conference on Electrical Machine Systems (ICEMS), Tokyo, Japan (2009)
Full text, presentation
Implementation of Real-Time Simulation of a Direct-Current Electrical Motor on an FPGA (in Turkish)
  • Turkish National Convention of Automated Control (TOK), İstanbul, Turkey (2009)
Full text, presentation
A New Software Package for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation: Cadmus (in Turkish)
  • Turkish National Convention of Automated Control (TOK), İstanbul, Turkey (2008)
Full text, presentation
Personal Traits
  • Urge to design and create
  • Efficient at analyzing problems and developing solutions
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Turkish: Native
  • English: Advanced
  • French: Intermediate
Computer Technologies
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Office applications: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio)
  • Development environments: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Quartus
  • Computational tools: MATLAB, Mathcad
  • Programming languages: C++, C#, Objective C, VHDL
  • Programming technologies: OpenGL, DirectX, XNA, shaders, networking
  • Web-associated programming languages: HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Microprocessors, embedded systems, field-programmable gate arrays
Machines and mechanisms
Mechatronics and robotics
Science fiction and fantasy literature
Pen & paper roleplaying games
Video games, game design and programming